Let us build you a 5-6 Figure, Virtually Passive, E-Commerce business today!

Let’s us build you a 5-6 Figure, Virtually Passive,

E-Commerce business today!

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Here at Genius Automations we specialize in building Amazon, Walmart, eBay & Tiktok stores for people that would like to make extra income. This is NOT drop-shipping, our model is specifically Amazon FBA, Walmart WFS & direct to consumer shipping from our Tampa, Florida warehouse. We do everything for you from A-Z and build the business from scratch handling the daily management of your store. We find profitable products for your store, manage all the logistical aspects of the business from product ordering and procurement to customer service management. Not everyone qualifies or is a good fit, this is for serious investors only. Book a call with one of our specialists today to learn more and get your questions answered!


4 Easy Steps To Start Your E-Commerce Business

Schedule A Call With A Genius Team Member

Get all of your questions answered by one of our Genius Team members so that you know exactly what to expect when we launch your online business.

Review & Sign The Contract 

You'll want to review the agreement before beginning. The contract is there to protect you & provide peace of mind to both parties. The agreement is there to outline your investment & our companies roll to put your money to work. Our management fee is a share of the profits we generate for you. The agreement outlines everything for 100% clarity to protect client and company.

Creating Your Business LLC

A Genius Team Member will assist you in creating an LLC to set up your account, as well as setting up a new business bank account so that Amazon, Walmart, eBay and Tiktok can disperse funds directly to you. A Genius Team member will also help you get set up and approved to sell on Amazon, Walmart & eBay. Our Genius Team will walk you through everything step by step.

Launching your business!

Now that we have you setup, its time for the real magic to happen! Watch as our Genius Team finds and list's profitable products on your online stores. See your account sales live as they grow in real time. We have our dedicated Genius Team Members standing by 24/7 to support and answer any questions you have along the way!



Questions often asked about starting your FBA store.

 Is there profit sharing?

Yes! Absolutely there is profit sharing. We both earn together in this unique business venture. In business the best kind of deals are Win-Wins not Winner-Loser. We share in the success together here at Genius Automations. You ("the client") acts as the investor in the business. We then leverage your working capital for inventory purposes (products) and we run the operational side of the business (sourcing products, repackaging, customer care, and more) and then we share in the profits together. This is the key testament to our success, we all have skin in the game to maximize the best possible result. Book a call with one of our specialists today to learn more about the revenue sharing!

 How much can my store make me?

Results vary per client however; a store can generate up to $15,000 in monthly profit split between our company and you depending on the equity package you choose. Our goal a year from now is to have your store generating $40,000 to $60,000 in monthly revenue with an average between 10-25% return on your money month over month compounding.

  Must I provide all the capital upfront?

No, we have financing options available to you which can help you get started for absolutely NO MONEY DOWN! Leveraging your credit is one of the smartest ways to obtain financial freedom, no matter how much money you make credit is a key to life. We have a 3rd party credit company that can help assist in building/repairing your credit score. Schedule a call with one of our specialists today to discuss your options! 

Why choose us to start your E-Commerce business today?

We have over 10 years of experience with selling on Amazon and over 200+ successful clients to date. We know how to get the job done and build you a quality business. Of course it takes time to get to these levels but once there you will have consistent income. This is NOT a "get rich quick business" but has the potential to  "Build wealth over time". In as little as 6-12 months you can see life-changing income (results vary per client). Be sure to schedule a call with a Genius Team Member today so that you can learn more and get started!

What is required of me?

A handful of Zoom calls with a Genius Team member that will fully onboard you and setup your business and online storefronts.

How do I make money by doing this?

We dedicate account managers to run your store. Our Genius Team will hunt & find profitable products to sell on your online store. A Genius Team member will then source, list, & optimize these products. Once the product is purchased we will have it shipped to our warehouse Genius Distributors in Tampa, Florida. Once it arrives the items will be prepared for sale and loaded into your online store. As sales flow in on your store, a Genius Team member will fulfill all the orders on your online store.

What are the types of ways you source products for my online store?

Our team finds profitable products using 4 main tactics.
1. Online Arbitrage
2. Wholesale
3. Brand Direct Deals
4. Private Label

What is Online Arbitrage (OA)?

1. Product Sourcing: Arbitrageurs identify products that are selling for a lower price on one online platform (such as Amazon, Walmart, or eBay) than they are on another platform (such as their own e-commerce store or a different online marketplace).

2. Purchase: The arbitrageur buys the product from the lower-priced platform, taking advantage of any discounts or promotions available to them.

3. Resale: The arbitrageur lists the product for sale on the higher-priced platform, often with a markup to cover costs and generate a profit.

4. Fulfillment: Once the product sells, the arbitrageur arranges for the item to be shipped to the customer. In some cases, they may use drop shipping or fulfillment services to handle this step.

5. Profit: The difference between the purchase price and the selling price, minus any fees or expenses, is the arbitrageur's profit.

Online arbitrage can be a profitable business model, but it requires careful research, monitoring of price trends, and attention to detail to be successful. Additionally, arbitrageurs must comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including those related to sales tax and intellectual property rights.

What is Wholesale?

1. Product Selection: Resellers research and identify products that have high demand and profit potential. They may consider factors such as market trends, competition, and consumer preferences.

2. Supplier Selection: Resellers find reliable suppliers who offer products at wholesale prices. These suppliers can be found through online directories, trade shows, or direct contact with manufacturers.

3. Purchase: Resellers place bulk orders with their chosen suppliers, often receiving discounted prices per unit compared to buying individual items.

4. Storage and Inventory Management: Upon receiving the products, resellers store them in a warehouse or fulfillment center. They must manage inventory levels to ensure products are available when customers place orders.

5. Sales and Marketing: Resellers list the products for sale on their online store or marketplace, using strategies like SEO, advertising, and promotions to attract customers.

6. Order Fulfillment: When a customer places an order, the reseller packages and ships the product to the customer. This can be done in-house or through a third-party fulfillment service.

7. Customer Service: Resellers provide customer support, including answering inquiries, handling returns, and resolving issues to ensure a positive customer experience.

8. Profit: The difference between the wholesale purchase price and the retail selling price, minus any fees or expenses, is the reseller's profit.

Wholesale buying to resell online requires careful planning, market research, and attention to detail. Resellers must also comply with legal requirements, such as obtaining necessary licenses and permits, and adhering to consumer protection laws.

What is a Brand Direct deal?

A brand direct deal to resell online is an arrangement where a reseller obtains products directly from a brand or manufacturer to sell them online. In this type of agreement, the reseller buys products at wholesale prices directly from the brand, rather than through a distributor or wholesaler. This allows the reseller to access products at a lower cost, potentially increasing their profit margins.

Here's how a brand direct deal to resell online typically works:

1. Negotiation: The reseller negotiates terms with the brand or manufacturer, including pricing, minimum order quantities, and shipping arrangements.

2. Purchase: Once the terms are agreed upon, the reseller places an order for the products with the brand. The brand ships the products directly to the reseller or to a fulfillment center.

3. Sales and Marketing: The reseller lists the products for sale on their online store or marketplace, using various marketing strategies to attract customers.

4. Order Fulfillment: When a customer places an order, the reseller packages and ships the product to the customer. This can be done in-house or through a third-party fulfillment service.

5. Customer Service: The reseller provides customer support, handles returns, and resolves any issues that may arise to ensure a positive customer experience.

6. Profit: The difference between the wholesale purchase price and the retail selling price, minus any fees or expenses, is the reseller's profit.

A brand direct deal to resell online can be beneficial for resellers as it allows them to access products at competitive prices and establish a direct relationship with the brand. However, it also requires careful planning and management to ensure a successful partnership.

What is Private Labeling?

Private labeling is a business strategy where a company manufactures a product and sells it under another company's brand name. This allows the company selling the product (the retailer or reseller) to offer a unique product without having to invest in manufacturing or product development.

Here's how private labeling typically works:

1. Product Selection: The retailer or reseller selects a product to sell under their brand. This could be an existing product that is already being manufactured or a new product that is developed specifically for private labeling.

2. Customization: The retailer or reseller works with the manufacturer to customize the product to their specifications. This may include branding, packaging, and product features.

3. Manufacturing: The manufacturer produces the product according to the retailer's specifications. The product is then shipped to the retailer or a fulfillment center.

4. Branding and Packaging: The retailer or reseller adds their branding and packaging to the product. This may include labels, logos, and other branding elements.

5. Sales and Marketing: The retailer or reseller sells the private label product under their brand name. They are responsible for marketing and promoting the product to their target audience.

6. Distribution: The retailer or reseller distributes the product through their sales channels, which may include online stores, brick-and-mortar stores, or other distribution channels.

Private labeling offers several benefits, including:

Brand Control: The retailer has control over the branding and marketing of the product, allowing them to create a unique brand identity.

Cost-Effective: Private labeling can be more cost-effective than developing a new product from scratch, as the retailer does not have to invest in product development or manufacturing equipment.

Exclusivity: Private labeling allows retailers to offer exclusive products that are not available from other sellers.

Overall, private labeling can be a profitable business strategy for retailers looking to differentiate themselves in the market and offer unique products to their customers.

Do you drop-ship?

No, we do not do any form of drop shipping.

Do you have a warehouse I can see or visit?

Yes we do! All clients & interest clients are welcome to visit us, meet our founder and do a floor walk through at Genius Distributor in Tampa, Florida. You can also visit www.GeniusDistributor.com to learn more about our warehouses and services we offer!

Genius Distributor

1510 W North B St

Tampa, Florida 33606

Where do you source products from?

Mainly through US distribution channels. Some items are also sourced from China or other overseas markets.

What are the benefits of working with you?

Besides us running the full operations of your stores there are many other added bonuses. The more we grow the more money you save as we purchase in large bulk quantities our pricing is lowered and those savings directly increase your bottom line. Much of the inventory you purchase can be ordered with a credit card allowing you to get thousands if not hundreds of thousands of points.

Why do need me? Why not just sell the products for yourself?

Offering our services to the public allows our company to grow at a much more rapid rate. First we charge a large fee upfront ranging from $10,000 - $100,000 based on different options & packages we offer. Secondly, we get to leverage more & more credit at a rapid rate to quickly scale more stores and begin making profit. Lastly, word of mouth is extremely powerful. Once you have been, quote, the “Guinea pig” and sales are flowing in and you are making money, you probably have friends, family, or business associates that would be interested in this. We pay hefty referral fees in the thousands just for referring someone to us.

Do I need to record, file and pay sales tax to each state a customer buys from?

Yes! It is 100% deductible. See the below 2024 Tax Brackets. 

Let’s say you make $70,000 per year right now, then you are in the bracket where you pay 22% of your income to the IRS which would equal $15,400 that was deducted from your W2 pay or if you’re self employed that you need to pay. 

Now let's say you hypothetically invested $20,000 into this or any business that is a 100% write off for that tax year. What does this mean? It means you will NOT pay 22% in federal taxes to the IRS on this $20,000 investment. It essentially lowers your taxable income that year from $70,000 to $50,000 because you made an investment. 

Now at $50,000 in taxable income you only pay $11,000 instead of $15,400. 

Then the $20,000 you invested to start your new business just saved you $4,400 in taxes so it essentially cost you $15,600. 

This is what most people don’t understand and how the rich build wealth. We are here to help with that!

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Eric Walsh has been in business for 15 years and counting. In 2010 he and his business partner started a cell phone empire, Mobile Rescue™ The company is a chain of retail stores specializing in the repair & sale of cell phone and computer accessories.

Walsh’s next venture was becoming a Papa John’s franchisee at a location in his home town of Danbury, Connecticut. Through this he implemented strategic systems and processes he learned from the 2 billion dollar company and injected them into the continued growth of Mobile Rescue.

In 2013, Walsh’s journey into e-commerce began, specifically on Amazon. However, there was little to no success on the platform until finally, 2 years later Walsh broke 6 figure's in annual net profit on the e-commerce giant. After extreme amounts of time and money lost learning all the in’s and out's, fast forward to present day 2024. Walsh’ company Automations Genius has amassed over 8 figures in revenue across the company's clients accounts.

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